Servicemen 1942-1943.


Sent in by Chris Chandler we know that this photograph was taken at Cardington as one of the sheds is showing in the background. It is well known that the sheds were camouflaged during the war as can be seen here. Scribbled on the bottom of this image is the year and month the photograph was taken - August 1943 with members of hut number 420.


Also sent in by Chris is this unmarked photograph of a young man at Cardington - again with a shed in the background. Chris has no idea who this young man is


This photo was taken on Mar 17th 1943 - I don't have names for any of the these young recruits.


C Flight July 8 1942. Alfred William Lister - 3rd right middle row. This photo and others was sent in by Wendy Rest and shows her father 3rd right middle row. Alfred and his future wife Mabel Twiddy have their own page on this website.


This photo was sent in by Mike Peers includes his father Thomas Peers.


The back of the photo shows that it was taken at RAF Cardington on 18th March 1942.

Thomas Albert Peers.

Mike Peers has sent in details of his father Thomas Albert Peers March 1942.

“I came across your website trying to find out more about my late father who was at Cardington in 1942. His name was Thomas Albert PEERS, but commonly known as Albert. He is in the front row second from left in the attached group photo taken on18th March 1942. I doubt not many, if any, are still alive. He would have been 21* at the time the photo was taken (his D.o.B. was September 1920 and it would have been his 100th Birthday this September).

I was wondering if there are any archives from the time so I can find out what his role was there. His home was in Ewloe, North Wales, so he may have been there on national service but I think he stayed in the RAF for a while at that.* I heard mentioned in the past that he may have been an armourer loading ammunition on to aircraft and bombers. Will see if I can get that clarified. I am aware that at one time he was based at RAF Hawarden.

Now I’ve found the photo it needs to be share so please add it to your website hopefully someone might recognise one of the faces. I doubt whether any of those on the photo are still living but it would be brilliant is someone was.

It was good of my dad to put the date and where it was taken on the back of the photo otherwise I would be none the wiser.

After the war and his service to the RAF he joined Vickers Armstrong as an aircraft fitter.

Incidentally his love for aircraft must have passed to me as I worked for 40 years in the aircraft industry all over the UK & Europe with Hawker Siddley, British Aerospace and Airbus. Latterly as lead production engineer on the introduction of the Airbus A380 double decker jet.”

Thank you Mike let’s hope you can find out more about your father.

*Given his age at the time of the photo (21) it is most likely that Thomas was at Cardington to enlist in the RAF and was there to receive initial screening and training. -  Jane May 2020.