Polish Balloon Unit WW2.


We do know that during the 2nd World War a Polish Unit was present at RAF Cardington, although sadly I have been unable to find photographs of any of the men who served and trained there. What is universally known is that some of the Polish armed forces managed to escape when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Several eventually arrived in the UK and were absorbed in British units or formed their own units.

In the book "The development of the post war Royal Netherlands Air Force " Dutch author Pieter J Huijskens describes the time he spent at RAF Cardington where he was sent for basic training after the Dutch Air Force had to abandon Holland following the German invasion in 1940.  In one chapter he describes an inter-allied football competition held on the camp between the various units representing their countries – he notes that there were English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, Czech teams and also a Polish team. Lists found on the internet of all the Units based at Cardington also make mention of a Polish Balloon Unit at Cardington from March 1945 to April 1946 although it is known that Polish men were on the camp as early as 1940.  I have also been told recently that a few of these men chose to settle in Bedford after the war but sadly I have been unable to track any of these men down.


Wiadomo, że podczas II wojny światowej członkowie polskiego oddziału balonowego przybyli do Anglii, gdzie w Bedford, przeorganizowali się w RAF Cardington, aby pod koniec wojny, w końcu utworzyć własny oddział.

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